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Words and Phrases that Should Exist but Probably Don't

Notes from ClifNotes, Nov 2007, permalink Cool Website


I often feel the urge to sign up for new free web services. I call this web2omania (web-TOO-oh-may-ni-a), and it can lead to inbox overflow. I signed up a few weeks ago for a service called Squidoo that lets you create and share wiki-blog-sites that are called Lens.


This week, I found a Lens called "words-and-phrases-that-should-exist". Below are a few of the wacky words I found there.


Quote from the website

Warning. Danger.


If you're a copywriter or proofreader, I can take no responsibility for the skin-crawling itchy uncomfortable sensation that will crawl up the back of your neck, as you encounter the contents. You've been warned.


coblaborative (adj.)

Pron: co-bla-buh-ray-tiv

A group or committee venture spending the majority of its time together in nonproductive argument.



Pron: wah-kew-toh-re-ul

Unintelligible operating or assembly instructions.



Pron: BLA-thur-skIp

One who monopolizes VOIP or other internet telephone conversations.



Pron: al-gor-bik

Delusional, convinced of the reality of fantasy. Overwhelmed with the desire to speak nonsense.



Pron: bloh-fuh-duhl

To publish a blog entry that appears completely factual while being completely fictional.