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Visual CD - CD cataloging program

Website - Freeware

Review by Giorgos, Jan 2006



Review from Giorgos

Visual CD is a cataloger for removable media (CDs-DVDs-Floppies-ZIP Tapes etc.) and Disk catalogs. Its the only free cataloger with thumbnail support. With this you can scan once your CD (or other media), and save the catalog file on your disk. When later you want to search for a specific file (e.g. a setup.exe) but you don't remember at which CD you backed it up, you can run Visual CD and search the catalog files, instead of putting in and out a big number of CDs. Also useful, if you want to remember (preview) what pictures are backed up on a CD. (Available only if you scanned your CD with thumbnail option enabled).

It comes also with an internal file splitter (handy if you want to fit a 3 MB file in 3 floppies or an 1 GB file in 2 CDs) and a multiple files renamer (with better options than Windows internal).

Its interface is somewhat unusual, but the help file is well written. After you scan (with thumbnail option enabled) and save catalog file, you have to add it to VCD Favorites. Then from Advanced Search (not from Find) you can search your CD collection (Favorites). When you find what you want, you can insert your CD. Running the file is possible within Search pane.

Unfortunately Boozet's Forum is now dead. I hope in its resurrection.



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Having difficulties to locate a file in which CD? Have you ever placing and removing a CD from your CD Drive few times before you finally found what you're looking for? What a pain! If so, Visual CD is the fast and easy way to help you out.