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Vista rumors unconfirmed after MS tries to plug leaks

Report from BillAllin, Jun 2007, permalink Windows Tips


From Clif:

This week, MS Mole remains silent. What evil lurks in the dark underground passages of Redmond? Only the Mole knows, and he holds his tongue for now ...


From Bill Allin:

MS Mole Report

by Bill Allin

Microsoft has muzzled all of its employees and associates with threats of dismissal or litigation for breach of security. Thus I have nothing to report from MS Mole.

I am unable to confirm the widely held rumour that Microsoft plans to end support for Vista as of the end of 2011, a mere five years after it hit the streets. Except for two versions of Vista (out of 47) that are specific business applications.

I cannot confirm that the first service pack for Vista, which will effectively be a system upgrade (as will all future service packs), is scheduled to be out in January of 2008.

I certainly can't tell you that Vista SP1 will work around the problem that so many people are facing with software that works on Vista being disabled or actually removed by Vista anywhere from hours to a few days after the next security update that Vista users get from MS.

I won't be able to tell you that Microsoft's anti-malware program(s) are under review since they no longer meet the standard they set for themselves of being the best in the field.

And I can't tell you anything about the new operating system that is in the works at MS.

Basically, I have nothing to report. But don't bet anything worthwhile against any of the rumours above.


Bill Allin

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