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How can I install updates to Windows 98 now?

review from ClifNotes, updated Jul 2006, Aug 2006 _ System Maintenance


Many of you may be aware that Microsoft is ending active support for Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition and Windows Millennium Edition. "End of Support" is Tuesday, July 11th. Since this is the case, what happens when I want to reinstall Windows 98 on one of my old PCs?


UNOFFICIAL Windows98 Second Edition Service Pack 2.1a (Freeware)


My wife was surfing around and found this cool download. When I set up an old pc with Windows 98, I always end up downloading tons of updates from Microsoft. In fact I put quite a few of them on a CD to save me time. Now all I have to do is put this one update on the CD. Great find dear!


About the author of this package

Alper Coskun is currently a MSc student in Computer Engineering department at Gebze Institute of Technology in Turkey.


Quote from the website

Microsoft has never released a service pack for Windows98 SE. But I made a Service Pack for Windows98 SE users. It contains all Windows98 SE updates from Windows Update site and more.


It is a self-extracting and self-installing pack like Microsoft's update files. Thus, you cannot choose files individually. However, the pack installs only required fixes for your system. Uninstallation is possible from Add-Remove Programs. However, I don't recommend uninstallation of the pack, if you don't have any problem.




If you need help with Windows 98, then here's a website that I found through a quick Google. It looks like it's very complete with lots of useful tips and suggestions for making Win98 run smoothly.