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Solway's Internet TV and Radio Player

review from ClifNotes, Jul 2007, permalink Multimedia Players


Kevin Solway has some nice freeware tools at his website. One of them is this multimedia player which seems to make use of Windows Media Player which comes on every copy of Windows.


I've tried it and it works nicely. However, I have to wonder if the same thing can't be done by simply using Windows Media Player and bookmarking your favorite radio stations and internet TV stations.


I didn't try recording anything so I'm not sure if that works very well.


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Quote from the website

Listen to over a thousand free radio and TV stations online over the Internet.


Record straight to MP3.


Listen to, or watch stations directly, without having to visit web sites and put up with their slow-loading pages and pop-up ads.


No additional hardware is required. This software supports both Windows Media and Real Video, so you can play most stream formats in this one program.


Watch video in full-screen if you wish.


for WinXP, WinNT, Win2000