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Should I convert from Outlook Express to Outlook?

tip from ClifNotes, Jul 2006


On 7/22/06, Phil B. wrote:


Morning Clif, I know that this isn't your line of work, but I still believe that you are way about the regular guy so here goes.


Got a question and I hope that you have an answer.


I would like to use Outlook with the added advantages such as described in Personal Tech Pipeline Newsletter, July 21, 2006.


I have both Outlook Express and Outlook on my computer. Outlook came along with MS Office that I have. I have always used Outlook Express, but somewhere along the line about a year ago I must have tried to use Outlook (most likely when I installed Office) as I do have some "stuff" over there when I look at it. I can't send or receive from there as I have changed ISP's since then. I can get Outlook all set up for that part (isp) easily. What I am wondering is this, can I some how Delete ALL of the stuff, folders, messages, contacts in Outlook so I can try to go through setting it up again. If I make this change can all of my folders , messages message rules and contacts be imported from Outlook Express easily ... or as a novice should I just forget about it and continue to use Outlook Express as I have been doing for years.


Thank you for your time in reading this and for clifnotes (Clif Notes Newsletter), as I really enjoy looking at all of the available software that is free for us to use or try out. Phil B.


On 7/22/06, Clif Notes wrote:


Hi Phil,


I can't recommend using Outlook, but I did find a good source of info about it. http://www.slipstick.com/outlook/


I recommend the Open Source application, ThunderBird for accessing your email. It will import all of your Outlook Express email and account settings.


I've got Office 2003 and Outlook installed on my new laptop. It's likely that I'll never use any of them. Instead, I'll use OpenOffice and I'm actually now getting all my email from Gmail and I've stopped bringing it onto my PCs. Thunderbird is great, but I've decided to move most of my day to day business onto the web where I don't have to rely on a single PC to get stuff done. There are online alternatives to Office applications also.


Have fun!