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ShinyFeet.com - your all in one service provider

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reviewed by PierreRenaud on 19 Oct 2005


Update (Feb 2006) - Quote from the website

ShinyFeet Has Closed - Jan 29th, 2006


It is a sad day for us here at ShinyFeet. Unfortunately we are left with no choice but to shutdown until we can find funding.


Our business model was simple, provide the users of the world Unlimited email space with useful integrated tools (File Manager, etc.) for FREE with advertisers footing the bill.


The bad part was too many users abused the system and our advertisers saw little support.


There were a handful of users that gave us great praise and loved ShinyFeet, and we hope to be back for you.


Notes from Clif

Welcome to Pierre, a French teacher with a passion for tech that he shares at his blog. Be sure to visit Pierre's Lucky Finds. You may not be able to read it, but I'm sure you will understand.


Review by Pierre

With ShinyFeet.com you have free access to a virtual hard disk with unlimited capacity. You also get a 40mb e-mail account (4th best according to About.com) and a photo album. You can save attachments into your virtual hard drive. You can even provide downloads to your documents by posting a link to them using http or ftp. Lastly, you will be able to share your files with other users of ShinyFeet.com. Note that, contrary to Gmail, ShinyFeet.com allows the files EXE, DLL,... and uses an Antivirus. Do not forget to use the "Upload Multiple Files" function which makes it possible to upload 50 files at once.



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