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Server.com offers free hosted web-apps

from Fran at GammaGeek.us, Mar 2006


From Fran:

I have been working with Pluck and reading a few of the news feed and have run across some web apps that look promising that you might be interested in.


Server.Com WebApps - http://server.com/WebApps/

All you need to get started is to go to the bottom of this page and put in your email address and a password. Then you will have access to all the webapps that include -

DiscussApps - Discussions

ListApps - Mailing List for your webpage

~DBApps - database

CalendarApps - Calendar of course

NewsApps - RSS

They also have a beta going on called GroupApps which is a seperate signup - http://grapps.server.com/groupapps.html .


ZohoWriter - http://www.zohowriter.com Currently in Beta

This is another word processor app. I have tried Writely, but I like the feel of this one better. I have used it for several things I needed to save online and it works weel - not a problem yet.




Gammaw Geek

Fran Bott - Computer Instruction




Comments from Clif

Thanks Fran, I did want to note that the free web-apps are ad supported.