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PCPal - finding and fixing Windows problems

review from TopFreeware, Feb 2007, permalink _ System Maintenance


From Tony at topfreeware.net:

Hi Clif, hope all is well :)


Found this the other day. It works good, unknown to me I didn't have the latest drivers for my printer?




WEBSITE: http://www.pcpal.com/



An easy-to-use tool that notifies you about problems in your PC and helps you fix them. It helps you detect and resolve security, performance, networking issues and more. What I really like about this is, that it fixes the problem for you and shows you how it does it


Kind Regards




Quote from the website

PCPal helps you maintain your PC and its environment optimized and protected. PCPal monitors your PC, notifies you about important issues, and suggests fix solutions. Additionally, PCPal provides you with a 1-click checkup function, which enables you to check your PC whenever you like. PCPal provides support for a wide range of areas, such as security, performance, network, and printing.