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Note Mania - sticky notes, calendar and reminders on your desktop

Posted by ClifNotes, Nov 2008, permalink Notes and Reminders


CC Likes this program and wrote me about it. I haven't tried it yet but I checked it out and it looks great.


From CC:

How can you improve a note application?

In this one you can insert GIFs


I ran through its paces, its seems that you cannot retrieve the messages once you close the program ... only on the "Paid Version". What a bummer!! BUT what you can do is create a file that you can save all of your notes. (save as is available)


I like the calendar desktop and the versatility of the notes.


Note: when you bookmark, it creates a tab on the right side of the screen "nice". I'm keeping it for the calendar and general daily reminders.


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Quote from the website

While having the same potentials, each of notes can do a different role, depending on various note properties, category properties and tools you use with it. Some notes can be appointment reminders while some notes can be phrases you need frequently in your word processing:


You can set schedule properties for any note and it will remind you and/or launch some program or website at the specified time for you. It can be a recurrent event like weekly, monthly as well as a simple one time event.


Every note created can be browsed and managed using the Pad window. Pad is also useful when you want to review the things you've done or to preview the things to come for the day or for the week, etc. You can also look for a specific note using the full text search feature.