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NexusRadio - streaming audio player and recorder

Notes from ClifNotes, Nov 2007, permalink Multimedia Streaming


When I first tried this one out, I was really confused. Where are the menus and options? In a novel (or maybe old school) approach, they put all of the menus and settings in the program's sidebar. Once I noticed that, I started playing with it.


There are hundreds of radio stations to chose from and you can really record them if you want to. NexusRadio comes with it's own MP3 editor so you can trim the files up when they don't record just right. That happens often on internet radio stations. I wouldn't complain, after all you're getting the songs for free.


When you install NR, you get a prompt to install a toolbar with it. I don't recommend it, but I didn't try it either. I don't like many toolbars, and after all, how many do we need?


There are many nice features in NR, but it ain't going to replace your multimedia player. It's just not designed to play your already existing music collection, it's basically a radio player.


I enjoyed the 5 included visualizations. They are very pretty and even play nicely at full screen. Just don't try to run much else while the visualizations are up and running. They are a big resource hog.


If you enjoy listening to interenet radio, you may find that NR is a real gem. The only failure in it that irked me was the lack of an easy method to add radio stations that aren't already listed.


Update: Mar 2008

This is no longer a recommended program. They recently added a browser toolbar you are forced to install and they also require registration.



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Quote from the website

Nexus Radio is a free full featured internet radio player for listeners who want to record their favorite radio content for playback on their PC, or any portable device that supports MP3s. With over 6000+ radio stations and support for thousands more, Nexus Radio delivers the content radio listeners yearn for.


Version 2.2 has added the ability to drag and drop media files directly into Nexus Radio, plus new downloadable visual effects.