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Mario Forever - rescue the princess all over again

Home page or Last Freeware Version - caution, newest version is adware

reviewed by ClifNotes, Aug 2005, Jan 2006



The authors decided to give you a nice adware toolbar with the latest version. Thanks, but no thanks! Fortunately I found a copy of the older version at the Acid-Play website. Make sure to get only the top link to "marioforever.zip" and not the bottom link to the adware version.



Notes from Clif

I downloaded this 20MB game and installed it. Wow! This game is very much like the old Mario Brother's games I used to play on Nintendo. Lot's of enemies and levels that get harder and harder to navigate. I had trouble getting the gamepad to work properly but the keyboard controls really were very good once I got used to them. The uninstall worked well and I found the program could be copied to another drive or removable media so it can be considered a portable or "stand-alone" game. Mario Forever should work on all versions of Windows with DirectX 7 or better.


Quote from the website

Super Mario 3 Mario Forever is really a classic Mario remake. Once again you strap on your wrench and hardhat and guide the chubby plumber through many skillfully made levels. The diversity of the levels is very impressive. You will have to get through levels ranging from underwater caverns to levels filled with hot lava.