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LinkExtend - identifies risky websites during web search

Posted by ClifNotes, Mar 2009, permalink Security Tools


Two or three weeks ago, there was a discussion in our comments about LinkScanner, a service from AVG. It's similar to SiteAdvisor, TrendProtect, NetcraftToolbar and Web of Trust. These services are generally addons or plugins for your web browser that work when you are doing web searches in Google, Yahoo, or MSN. When the search results pop in, so do the visual indicators from the link scanning services. The indicators tell you if a website is safe to visit and other information.


I believe that a link scanning tool is a must have for any computer that is used by newbies or kids. It will really save you tons of headaches if it's used for every web search.


A.K. chimed in with a recommendation of the new LinkExtend addon for Firefox. I tried it recently and I was really impressed. Here is what A.K. said about it.


I uninstalled SiteAdvisor several weeks back when the new version caused all kinds of problems like window freezes, etc. (many others have complained about it too).


Right now, I'm using the FF extension, LinkExtend: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/...fox/addon/10777


LinkExtend's toolbar can be hidden by View tab > Toolbars.


LinkExtend uses various free online services:

*Safety - Web of Trust, McAfee SiteAdvisor, Web Security Guard, Browser Defender, RGguard, Norton Safe Web, Compete, Google Safe Browsing

*KidSafe - Web of Trust, Alexa, ICRA

*Ethics - Scryve, Knowmore, CorporateCritic

*Site Traffic - Alexa, Quantcast, Compete, Statbrain

*Thumbnails - GooglePreview, MyThumbnail, Websnapr, Thumbshot


Thanks A.K., I think I can scrap the others and use this one now. It actually uses results from many of the other services to generate it's recommendations. Like A.K. found, the toolbar isn't needed and I recommend hiding it.



Quote from the website

LinkExtend, the ultimate browsing tool. Enhance your web surfing experience getting link information instantly on computer security, company ethics, child safety, popularity, and much more. Data from many free online services is collected and combined to provide you with comprehensive results. LinkExtend is freeware and contains no adware or spyware.






Firefox Addon: