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 Freeware Websites Last Freeware Version at 321download.com - Freeware website
There are many good software programs I've used in the past that I just won't review here because they've gone from being freeware to shareware or trial software. I stumbled across this site and it's a gem. They've aquired a small collection of popular software in it's last version as freeware. They might be a little out of date, but these programs are unencumbered by being crippled or time limited. If you want an up to date version of them, prepare to pay some money.
List from the website:
jv16-Powertools  RegCleaner  PowerArchiver  PopCorn  Mailwasher  DDTitle  FolderSizes  TxEdit  Floppy Image  ClipCache  Clean It  Tiny Personal Firewall  PrintKey  Quick Mixer  Backup4all   Ram Idle  Mail Warrior  TypeItIn   Drive Rescue  FmEdit98   Turbo Navigator  Octopus  No Hands Backup  Textbox  AI RoboForm  ShowCalc  Kerio Personal Firewall  eCleaner