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Johnny's Freeware Mission - running a freeware computer

Posted by ClifNotes, July 2008, permalink Software Collections


Johnny Karp wrote me the other day. Seems he's going to re-install Windows and anything else he installs will be only freeware. He asked me to see if any of you have advice on what he should install for various tasks.


Take a look at his Freeware Mission pages and be sure to comment if you have suggestions.


from Johnny:

Well, my computer crashed tonight, leaving me cursing and smoking heavily. My desktop, with dozens of shortcuts and useful stuff now looks like hell!



Obviously now I have to reinstall all the software that I had before the crash, and only thinking about that drives me a little mad. But I thought of something that could make the whole thing worthwhile: I'll try to install only free software, freeware, open source. The only commercial software in my computer will be Windows XP and the video editing software that I use to make some cash. And that means that I'll dig for freeware stuff and, of course, I'll let you know what I find. Starting tomorrow this blog will be the scene where I'll review the free software that will outfit my system from now on. Wish me luck :) I will call this "The Freeware Mission"!




Johnny's Freeware Mission - running a freeware computer

Posted by ClifNotes, Aug 2008, permalink Software Collections


A bit over a month ago, Johnny Karp told us how his PC had crashed and he was reinstalling Windows. He was planning on installing nothing but freeware on the machine. How has his Freeware Mission gone?


Read below to find out ...


Quote from the website

The Freeware Mission started exactly one month ago. My Windows XP powered PC crashed and I had to reinstall everything in it. I decided to try something different: install only freeware programs except Windows XP (I might try Ubuntu later ;). I was a little bit uncertain at first, because I was using some commercial programs (Microsoft Office, Nero, BitDefender etc.) and I wasn't sure that I could find good freeware alternatives. But I did after all. My computer can do now everything it could do before the crash, but now it has only freeware programs installed. Here is the list of essential freeware programs that I chose to install, please consider donating a few bucks to the people that made the open source programs presented in this list.