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Google Pack Screensaver - Google fails to top existing screensavers

review from ClifNotes, Sept 2006, permalink


Google should have stuck to something they are good at. I was trying out the ScanDoo filtered web search and typed in "screensaver" to see what kind of nasties Scandoo would mark as bad. I noticed it marked many of the sites I expected to see bad, but I also noticed that one of the results was a screensaver from Google.


I went to the GooglePack website and downloaded only the Google Pack Screensaver. The download was actually something called the Google Pack Updater, so I proceeded to install it. My first impression of the this software was a warning from WinPatrol. Scotty the faithful Windows watchdog, popped up and barked at me to let me know that WinPatrol had detected Google Pack Updater was trying to install itself as an autorun program.




I don't like software to set itself up to run on boot unless it has a darn good reason. I expect my Anti-virus and Firewall programs to start up when Windows does, but why do I need Google to run it's stupid updater program? I don't want it, I don't need it, goodbye Google Pack Updater, I unistalled it immediately.


This leaves me with only the Google Pack Screensaver to try out.


So I tried it. I really like the photo collage setting, but I noticed immediately that it wasn't displaying many of the pictures in my scenic backgrounds folder. Why can't this program display these JPEG pictures? I never found out why. Every other program on my PC that displays JPEG's has no problem with the same pictures. Goodbye Google Pack Screensaver! Goodbye!


Fortunately, most of the other programs in the Google Pack are much better. If you want a good photo screensaver, try out PictureAndSoundShow.


Quote from the website

Enjoy your favorite photos when your computer is idle

  • Turn photos from your personal collection into a screensaver
  • View your photos full screen or as a virtual collage




Website: http://pack.google.com/intl/en/pack_installer.html