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Gmail kills the spam?

comments from Joe D, Jul 2006


I recieved this very nice letter from Joe:




Your comments about email got me thinking about some solutions I have implemented for family and friends. I have been using this method successfully for over a year.


Like many folks, I have many e-mail accounts and managing this many can be a challenge. The way I keep my sanity is to forward every email account to one of my Gmail accounts, even gmail to gmail. One of the neatest advantages of Gmail is its outstanding spam filtering. When POP accounts are forwarded to Gmail, its excellent filters will stop the majority of spam. I have helped my friends and family virtually eliminate spam by giving them Gmail accounts, and setting up their old accounts to forward to their Gmail accounts.


My wife recently complained about the enormous amount of spam she was getting. I set her up with Gmail, and within 3 weeks Gmail trapped 1400+ spam messages!


I also use ThunderBird occasionaly, mostly for newsgroups, and Gmail can be retrieved by easily by Thunderbird. Just follow the Gmail help for directions on how to setup POP forwarding and the specific ports Thunderbird needs to access the Gmail system.


Thanks for your newsletter. I look forward to Monday mornings now. :-)


Joe D.


Thank you for the great advice Joe!


If anyone needs Gmail just say "I want Gmail!".


If you have an idea or method for avoiding spam that you want to share with us, just say "I hate spam!".