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FullerScreen - Firefox add-on gives you the BIG VIEW

review from ClifNotes, Apr 2007, permalink Browser Tools


Recently one of the readers here wrote in to recommend the SeaMonkey browser from Mozilla. I wrote back that I'd tried it and I was impressed. However, I get add-on withdrawal symptoms when I'm away from FireFox for too long. This FullerScreen extension adds another "must have" to my already big list of add-ons I love in Firefox.


To see how to get into a fuller screen mode in IE7, see FullScreenInIe7.


Quote from the website

This extension enhances the Full Screen mode into a really full screen mode, hiding the remaining toolbars and statusbar and making them visible again when the mouse pointer hits an edge of the screen.


This cross-platform extension is tested on Windows and Linux, should work fine on Mac, and is licensed under the Mozilla Public License.