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The Freeware Book - the encyclopedia of freeware websites

Website - FreeWare

reviewed by ClifNotes on 9/15/05


I was talking to Scott the other day and I mentioned I was planning on writing this review. Scott is the webmaster of FreewareArena. He and some other people have gotten together and searched the web up and down for freeware sites, large and small. They put all of these into this downloadable browsing tool that they call simply the "Freeware Book". Download it, unzip it and run it. Soon you will be surfing into a freeware smorgasbord.


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Quote - The long term goal of The Freeware Book is to foster the growth of freeware and freeware sites. Also to 'level the playing field' for all freeware sites. To enable those that may not be as financially fortunate as others by providing a resource to be available to all without cost. Freeware sites would not exist were it not for the great works of the freeware authors who deserve full credit for the labors they perform.