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Feedback and other Stuff - October 30, 2005

SwissKnife carves up a hard drive

From Ray:

I needed to partition a backup hard drive and searched the web to find one called SwissKnife. It worked well for a newbie like me and I partitioned the Maxtor one touch in about 15 minutes. I use it to back up 3 computers and have one partition for each computer. Do you have any comments on SwissKnife or the way I used it? Thanks you're the greatest of help to us new computer users. Ray


Hi Ray,

It sounds like a nice program. I typically use an old DOS utility called FDISK to format partitions. It wouldn't take much to improve on FDISK, it's not a very friendly program.


Flock spreads it's wings

From George:

I found an article on Flock that you might want to read about.


Thanks George. It's a good article and explains things better than I can. I'll be putting it away soon and wait for the next big release. I have found a few bugs, but I really do like some of the features.


WS_Ftp LE still available

From Paul:

Regarding WS_FTP LE, I was in the same situation only last week. But luckily I came across it at oldversion.com.


Last week I posted Gary's request for a replacement program for WS_Ftp LE. It's no longer offered at it's home site. Paul, I don't know why I didn't think to look at oldversion. Gary was happy to hear that it's still available. Thanks for letting us know.


Author of ezHTMLarea writes in

From PierreRenaud:

Thanks for your comments about ezHTMLarea


I couldn't write about it if you hadn't taken the time to make it. Thank you Pierre.


Virtual CD utility from Microsoft

From Stephen:

XP: Small, Free Way to Use and Mount Images (ISO files) Without Burning Them



Found it whilst searching for a program for 98SE that would allow a CD ISO image to run as if it were in the CD drive (mother bought a game but it requires both an installation, and the CD to be in the drive before it will let her play it..... GRRRRR)

Though in the end I had to use ISOBuster and Daemon Tools, I figured it would be useful for those with XP ;o)


Thanks for the tip Stephen. I've mentioned virtual CD's before in this newsletter, but I didn't know that MS had a program for loading them.


Do I need a blog or a website?

From Satish:

Hi Clif, I always enjoy your freeware newsletter. I have a query and need a simple answer.

Is a website better or a blog for spreading some scientific info for my clients?


Short answer: Website


Long answer: Both and more, depending on what types of information and how experienced a webmaster you are.


If you are a competent webmaster, a website with static (address doesn't change) pages is best for distributing information. If you aren't a good webmaster or just don't have the time to devote to it, a blog will work just fine. There is another option. If you've been to my website (freewarewiki.pbwiki.com) you'll find it's simple to create and edit a wiki. You don't have to learn html code or worry about paying for anything. It's free.


Here are links to the three options. All of these services are ad-supported, but free to the user.

Build your own website: http://www.bravenet.com/

Start a blog: http://www.blogspot.com

Create a wiki: http://pbwiki.com


How to change your default email client

From Sharon:

Thank you for your newsletter. I also see your replies to people at the Computer Help Club at MSN.


I guess you would call me a tweenie between beginner and intermediate. My questions is about changing the email on my Outlook Express. When I call a link, I would like it to go to Yahoo but goes to my LAN now. How do I change it?


Is this what you are talking about? Set Yahoo as default email. The same can be done for Gmail: Set Gmail as default. My friend Ramesh also has a utility to help with default email settings: Default Mail.


To everyone

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