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Feedback and other Stuff - October 16, 2005


Letter from a stationery queen

From CherokeeCandy:

I really enjoyed this news letter and that ebay song is a riot... had to send the link to my daughter who is an ebay user... Some of the things she buys is amazing to me that she wanted it to begin with lol... So this song fits perfectly.


Thanks Candy. Candy has a great community of friends at OEStationery. If you want to learn about making your own cool looking emails or work with Paint Shop Pro, give this site a visit.


Spoofstick protects against spoofing but not adware

From Eddie:

I have used Spoofstick for 18 months. It has saved me on 2 occasions. Once it picked up a spoof bank site where I do Internet banking, and the second time when it showed up E-Bay as a spoofed site. It has not been updated as far as I know in the last 12 months, although they have just brought out a new version for Firefox.

I have a problem on one of my computers, it is infected with the dreaded About-Blank, can you recommend a program that I could buy that would help me?


Thanks for reminding me about SpoofStick. To fix that about-blank problem you should go to a spyware buster forum like TeMerc's. Oh, I see you figured out how to remove it yourself with HijackThis. Well, that's ok, but I recommend you get expert advice on using it. HijackThis is a powerful tool and it can create big problems if you don't know what you are doing with it.


Foxit gets out-foxed by Adobe

From Tom:

A great little reader that I do recommend to friends. Lately, I have run into a number of government documents the Foxit PDF Reader had difficulty properly displaying. I don't know if this a result of new features available in Adobe writer or what. When viewed in Adobe Reader the document did display properly.


I still like Foxit PDF Reader but am eagerly waiting for an update that handles the strange formatting I have run into.


Thanks Tom. They have updated FoxitPdfReader recently. They even added a feature that lets you write notes on the PDF's.


Exploring the limits

Another letter from Tom:

I too was intrigued by ExplorerXp. I did find it had better capabilities than Windows Explorer, but the tradeoff was in speed. It appears to take twice as longer (or longer) to get ExplorerXP up. Once running it is OK. I run a pretty tight PC with no AV or games onboard. I will keep ExplorerXP for now and continue to learn its capabilities.


Thanks again Tom.


PDF's are around for good reasons

From BillWebb:

Suggestion: you might want to add a comment that one of the biggest advantages to PDF's is that they can be opened by any machine, running any operating system -- all they need is the free Adobe Reader -- and they also prevent anyone from easily altering your work. That helps justify the size of the files, which can be huge in comparison with .rtf, or even .doc sometimes.


Thanks Bill, I added your comments to the feedback section in CutePdf.


Magnify your virtual world

From Norwitch:

Kevin Solway has a freeware magnifyer that is much better than Windows version on his site. It's called Super Magnify and can be found at http://www.theabsolute.net/sware/ . Other freeware programs available there, too.


Thanks Norwitch. I can also recommend the viewer that comes with every Windows system. It can usually be found in the Start Menu at: Programs > Accessories > Accessiblilty > Magnify. If it's not there, try going to: Start > Run > and typing magnify into the entry window and clicking "OK".


CutePDF has a not so cute problem

From Giorgos:

I read the review about cute pdf. Its good software. I tried before a year. The only missadvantage is that saves the pdf as icon, not as text. "search" feature is disabled. You can't search for text at saved pdf. It was critical for me, so I used the trial edition of Acrobat. I don't know if this problem exists nowadays.


There have been some improvements to CutePDF. I've never had the problems you describe, but maybe a newer version would help. If you do try it again, let me know if it still has the problems you've reported. I might contact the authors of CutePDF and see what they have to say about it.


New forums and blogs for XP-Tips

From Clif: I was just surfing around and found a brand new forum and blog at Brett's XP-Tips website. I immediately emailed him to find out what was happening.


From Brett:

The XP-Tips Blog aims to keep interested site visitors informed about what is happening on the main site. I'll be using the blog to publish links to any new material that I've added to XP-Tips as well as let visitors know about other site and forum news. Visitors can leave comments on the blog if they wish.


The XP-Tips Forum allows site visitors to share their own XP tips as well as discuss those that have already been published on the site.


Both the blog and forum give site visitors the opportunity to participate on a personal level. Of course, user comments and feedback are always most welcome.


Don't stop the music

From Lesley:

I want to copy all of my music cassettes to CD. They're old and starting to tighten up. Do you know of any free programs that I can do this with? I dont know if I have to record the whole cassette straight through, or if I have to record each song individually.


I found a very good tutorial for doing this. http://www.nsftools.com/misc/TapeToCD.htm


Tech Junkeez unite!

I found a site that has all kinds of up to the minute tech and software news. I wrote Mohammed there and we exchanged website links. I was blown away when I found out he's still in high-school. Be sure to check out his site.


"Keep up with the fast paced world of tech and computers"

Keep up with the fast paced world of tech and computers


A sight for sore eyes

I found a very cool freeware site at FreewareArena and I think you'll like it too. Jessica's "Site 4 Sore Eyes Freeware" has a real artistic flair to it. I wrote her and asked her what I should do to improve the look right here at FreewareWiki. I was amazed when she wrote this:


To be honest, you're asking the wrong person, because i really love the clean lines, organized material, and muted colors of your wiki. I so much appreciate these things after seeing so many sites where you get a barrage of adverts, flashing, and just general junk in your face. Some places i have to dig to even find the content, what little there is of it. I think yours looks slick, yet has some class too. In my opinion you're not missing a thing!


Thanks so much for the comments Jess.


FraudEliminator is sometimes annoying

From Scott:

I've been using FraudEliminator and I think it would be appropriate for some users. It does have a "Pro" version, and it can display annoying notifications (annoying to me, not that they would be to other users) of a site's "age" as a possible security risk.


Thanks Scott, I've entered this as feedback in FraudEliminator.








To everyone

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