Earth Hour is coming soon

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Bill Webb passed this along to me. I've never heard of Earth Hour. Have you?


Friends and Family,


Earth Hour is a movement that started last year in Australia. Essentially, Sydney shut off all its lights for one hour, saving an amount of energy equivalent to taking 48,000 cars off the road. This year, the movement has spread worldwide, and includes cities like Chicago, Toronto, San Francisco, Atlanta, Manila, Tel Aviv, major cities throughout Australia and Europe, and many others.


There are lots of ways to get involved, from spreading the word or holding your own Earth Hour event, to making Earth Hour part of your everyday life at home and at work.


Please sign up here, and help spread the word: You also get your own Earth Hour page which allows you to see the direct effect that you are having when you invite friends and family to get involved too. Hurry. Earth Hour 2008 is at 8:00 PM your time on Saturday, March 29. My apologies for getting this to you so late, but I just got involved myself. Please feel free to forward this as is, or modify it as you see fit and sign your own name. (Remember to BCC the addresses as a courtesy to your correspondents.)


This is an excellent way to impress your children with your seriousness about the environment. Many folks have planned candlelight dinners, weddings, vigils for the Earth, and other activities.



If you have a blog, connections in the media, run a company, or just a family, please do what you can to get others involved. This is more than a gesture: it's an event to raise the consciousness of everyone who hears about it, and bout the amazing cumulative results of this relatively simple "gesture."


Visit to find useful downloads, tools, tips and news updates or get creative and visit Earth Hour's Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and MySpace pages to add your video and Earth Hour pictures.


If you aren't interested in this sort of thing, please forgive me for bothering you. Let me know, and I promise it will never happen again.


Thanks again. And please remember to shut down this computer when you've finished using it!


Happy Easter! And Happy Earth Hour!


Bill and Shel Webb