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The COOLSITES Newsletter - find the coolest links here

review from ClifNotes, Feb 2007, permalink _ Web Service


This fella named Mark Donaldson has been sending out his lists of cool sites since 2003. I'd never heard of him before last week. One day I was Googling myself to see who was posting links to my newsletter, and I found his website. I see that he's mentioned my newsletter at least 3 times.


What I really like about CoolSites Newsletter is the content. Mark must really read a lot of stuff on the web and he takes the best links then tells you about them.


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Quote from the website

In February 2000 I went online (I waited out the bogus y2k scare) with a used IBM 486. Since I've been online I have spent less than $800 which includes purchasing 2 used computers (I'm presently using a Compaq that was owned by Enron), Ram, HDDs, printer, CD drives, modem and ISP monthly fees (I'm on Juno at $4.95 a month). Just about every program I use is freeware. Every newsletter I get is free.