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Configuring OpenOffice for a Microsoft Office world

tip from Mike at Carputers.net, Date, permalink _ Office Suite


From Clif:

Mike wrote me with a great set of tips ...

A little info-tutorial I wrote - if you or your readers would find it useful, have at it.


Configuring the OpenOffice suite for use in a Microsoft Office world


Thanks, and keep rocking them like you do so well...




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Quote from the website

When OpenOffice.org is installed, it is set up by default to save Writer, Calc, and Impress files in their respective native (.odt for Writer, .ods for Calc, .odp for Impress) formats ...


This guide will show you how to configure the OpenOffice.org suite to automatically save Writer files as .doc, Calc files as .xls, and Impress files as .ppt. These files can then be easily opened and edited in Microsoft Office 97, 2000, and 2003.