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The Computer Help Club



Join the Club, it's free.


From Clif:

I used to be one of four co-managers of this group. The only reason I don't contribute there anymore is that my newsletter requires so much time.


I heartily recommend their free service. They can help with nearly any PC problem that you can think of and a few that you never dreamed of. I still visit fairly often and I consider nearly everyone there a good friend. If you join, tell them "Clif said hello!".


At The Computer Help Club, we are dedicated to solving your problems related to computers.


You must be a member to ask for help, and agree to our Disclaimer to join The Computer Help Club. Once you are a member, just post your question on the General Message Board, and our members will help you find a solution as soon as possible.


Please use the System Information Form to give us some idea of your operating system. Fill in what you know about your system so that we can help you more efficiently.


Please do not ask any member to send a solution by e-mail. There is no point in having this site running if correspondence is done privately. Everyone here should be able to learn from each other’s experiences.


Since we're not “all work and no play” we have two other message boards. Visit Mixed Messages to post your jokes, gripes, pats on the back, and kicks in the ... well, you get the idea . On Neat Tricks! you’ll find a variety of ways to have more fun with your computer.