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What is the best freeware solitaire game?

recommendation from Vegard, Oct 2006, permalink


Last week, I reviewed 123_Free_Solitaire, which I've been using for two years. Vegard wrote me about it in a comment.


Nice to see you promote solitaire card games, Clif! I love them (see my site). But the one you picked - "123 Free Solitaire" can hardly be called freeware. It's a very limited version which I (and others) calls "crippleware". There are buttons for Undo, Redo, Statistics but they are not working and only works as advertising for the commercial "SolSuite" game. The last truly freeware version of "123 Free Solitaire" was version 3.80, which can be downloaded from my "Freeware Solitaire" site.


Kind regards from vegard


I feel kinda silly, because I never realized it was crippled. I never use the Undo, Redo, and Statistics when I play. I consider using an undo as cheating. I later emailed Vegard and thanked him for the comment. I also asked him what he thought the best freeware solitaire game was. He answers below ...


Hi Clif.


That was a tough one... :-)


If PySol had been a easy install, I would have choosen that one. But the Python installation in Windows is a bit tricky. As-Solitaire and Solitude is optimized for a screen resolution of 800x600. WizSolitaire has gone shareware, so I will not promote the last freeware version.


That leaves me with 2 very good games:


click image to expand

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us 1. Patience Pack 8.0

More than 80 solitaire card games, and several dice and puzzle games (in total 120 ). And as i write: "They are for all ages and will test your skills. Many classic games, but also highly original ones." Good animation, sound, replay, game rules, 9 backgrounds, 6 card backs.



2. Cardgames Deluxe 5.5 (formerly REKO's Klondike Deluxe) The information on my "Freeware Solitaire" page is out of date, so see here: http://www.rekogames.nl/mambo/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=34&func=fileinfo&id=1968


Only 6 cardgames (but that will increase):



But you can use more than 1000 cardsets in the rkp/reko format:

http://www.rekonet.org/ :-) :-) :-)


Three difficulty levels, 2 score systems with or without timer, background colors, selection colors, play MIDI/MP3-music. Make your own cardsets, organise them and view them.


Hopes this helps... :-)


Keep up the good work, Clif!


kind regards from vegard


Thanks Vegard, now we know where to find the best solitaire games. You make it pretty easy because they are all at your website: http://solitaire.vegard2.no/