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BannerBreak.com - Make banners for your websites and email

Banner Break Website - Free webservice

reviewed by ClifNotes, Dec 2005




Did you notice the nice little banner at the top of the newsletter this week? I made that banner and several more at BannerBreak. It was fun and easy. It's also free for non-commercial use.





What is BannerBreak™?

BannerBreak™ is a free online banner generator!


Are these banners really free?

Yes! The banners on BannerBreak™ are completely free! However, all banners available on BannerBreak™ are exclusive property of BannerBreak™ and are not to be used for commercial purposes without written permission from BannerBreak™. Banners generated by BannerBreak™ are not to be redistributed without written consent from BannerBreak™.


What can I do with these banners?

There alot of things you can do with banners featured on BannerBreak™. You can link them to a forum or a site. These banners can go anywhere you can put HTML code into a page.