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Allway Sync - backup and sychronization tool

Website - Freeware for non-commercial use only

reviewed by Zia at Zia's CyberGuide on 19 Nov 2005



From Zia

Well, a great relief...I found this nice piece of software for back-up. I have 2 hard disks on my PC and one of them is a bit dodgy so I needed a no-fuss, extremely easy back-up tool to synchronise some documents on both hard disks. There are loads of perfectly good programs on the net but this one seems so easy to use. It has an automatic feature so you can carry on working and the back-up will be performed in the background. It will become handy also once I get a right laptop...I have been promising one for myself for ages...I am just too demanding!


Notes from Clif

Thankyou for the tip Zia. Everyone please note that this free version is for non-commercial use only. If you use it on a business machine, you cannot use the free version.



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Allway Sync is Free moderate personal use

It's a free Sync Software (with limitations, see details).

Does not contain any spyware, adware or malware.

You can install this PC sync software on as many computers as you need.

License for business use is available.


Easy to Use Windows Interface

Do routine multiple-folder synchronization with just one click.

Automatic, on-screen context-sensitive hints.

Simple setup lets you start right away.

Multilingual user interface localized to support more than 20 languages.


Performs real all-way file and folder synchronization

File modifications and deletions are tracked in a database.

Innovative algorithms do not rely on system clock accuracy.

True folder (directory) synchronization.

Supports virtually any file system.