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WP ClipArt for AbiWord and other word processors

Website - Download - Public Domain

comments by ClifNotes on 24 Oct 2005



Do you need some clipart to spruce up your word processor documents? This site offers 97mb, hundreds, of free public domain clipart images for you to download. I didn't download them myself, but if you stick with downloading only the zip file full of images, this should be one of your safest downloads. I don't know of any bugs that can hide inside of PNG files.


Please note that these images can be used for any purpose. I used one of them for a screenshot.





WP Clipart is a collection of public domain images specifically tailored for use in word processors. The images can be used for any purpose without any conditions. The images are all non-transparent PNGs, the format chosen because it renders and prints well in all tested word processors. Originally started specifically to use with Abiword due to printing problems with transparent images -- but it can be used for any editor capable of including images. For that matter, they can be used for purposes other than word processors.