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360 Desktop - a panoramic virtual desktop manager

Posted by ClifNotes, July 2008, permalink Desktop Tools


A few years ago, I was having fun trying out a virtual desktop manager called Sphere. It allowed you to use a desktop that virtually put you in the center of a spherical domain where your opened applications could reside all around you. The application went payware and so my interest in it vaporized.


Recently, I saw the review below from Samer at freewaregenius. 360 Desktop promises to bring back a similar desktop world where your desktop gives you some real freedom of movement.


from Samer:

Imagine a desktop environment that is spread across multiple screens consisting of a single, panoramic wallpaper image, and where you can scroll smoothly across the new desktop and place both icons and applications anywhere you like.


360 Desktop tries to deliver exactly this with some success. It provides a never-ending desktop that scrolls smoothly and creates the feeling of an expansive workspace with a lot of space for your windows, apps, and icons. However, the pre-release beta tested here still has some major kinks that need to be ironed out, high on the list of which is it’s support for embedded internet widgets that still feels rudimentary and left me wishing that I could simply switch it off ...


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